1. General Rules

1.1 vEZY is a Virtual Airline (VA) that supports users of Infinite Flight.

1.2 The applicant must be in possession of a legal copy of Infinite Flight.

1.3 The applicant must be 12 years old or older at the date of application.

1.4 The applicant must be able to make and file their first flight within 10 days of acceptance.

1.5 The applicant must have the ability to fly at least one flight every 30 days.

1.6 Pilots who are not able to fly at least once every 30 days, must set themselves on leave (can be found in the pilot center). All pilots receive a total of 90 days to use on leave each calendar year.

1.7 Pilots are automatically removed from the roster 40 days after the last received PIREP unless the pilot has set himself on leave.

1.8 The applicant must submit their real identity. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban.

1.9 The applicant must be able to show professionalism and maturity in all aspects of vEZY operations.

1.10 vEZY does not accept transfer hours from other VAs.

1.11 All PIREPs with incorrect fuel usage will receive a comment about this. If you get three PIREPs in a row with fuel errors, we will start rejecting your PIREPs until you have filed a PIREP without any fuel error. Please note that we do not accept previously rejected PIREPs.

2. Operational issues

2.1 Rank Structure All pilots accepted by vEZY are assigned the rank of Second Officer, with zero hours/flights.

2.2 Aircraft Ratings:

  • Second Officer can fly only A319-100
  • Starting from First Officer, pilot can fly A320-200
  • Upon reaching 50 hours, pilot can fly Worldwide by vEZY routes

2.3 You can fly every flight in our system at any time you want, you do not have to fly real time.

Any errors found in our schedules (does not include routes and callsigns) shall be reported on our Slack channel to moderators or #support.

3. Diverting to an alternate airport

3.1 Flights are to be operated between airports defined by the schedule info. However, sometimes you might have to land at an alternate airport due to unforeseen circumstances. This is allowed, but a comment to the PIREP must be added within 24 hours, otherwise it will be rejected.

Dual logging: Logging for two VAs on the same flight is not allowed and will result in administrative actions. If severe, it may result in a permanent ban. Dual logging is only allowed if it is to a logbook type site.

4. General Conduct

4.1 Use of the EasyJet Virtual website. Persons making an application to join the vEZY site are referred to as pilots. This in no way implies qualifications as a pilot of any form of air transport outside of the simulated environment of the Infinite Flight. While using the vEZY website (including blog), all pilots are subjected to monitoring, and any offensive posting are liable to be deleted, without notice, by the vEZY administration.

4.2 General Conducts Comments of an offensive nature will result is a dismissal without notice by the vEZY administration.

4.3 vEZY website, Slack & blog: Pilots are reminded that foul and obscene language is not tolerated in any way, and pilots are not to engage in offensive slanging matches of any sort. Pilots who are unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner are respectfully requested to avoid making postings in the IFC forum, Slack and blog.

4.4 Online flying conduct. When using online Servers, you, the pilot, is an ambassador of vEZY when flying with the EZY callsign. Pilots are to exercise good manners and are not to engage in arguments over the network.

vEZY pilots are not to utilize the UNICOM channel of any network as a chat room and are expected to announce all intentions when operating in the vicinity of any other traffic.

All pilots are expected to check for ATC at all times. It is the pilot's responsibility to contact ATC - not the other way around.

If at any time vEZY receives communication from any of the networks about the bad conduct of a pilot, the pilot can be removed from the pilot roster.

4.5 Application information: Providing false information in an application at vEZY Virtual is prohibited. Should a pilot's identity fall into question at any time, the vEZY administration reserves the right to carry out our own check to establish that pilot's true identity.

Pilots who are found to have supplied incorrect or false information in order to gain admission to vEZY, are liable to be dismissed without notice, and may subject to a permanent ban.